High Vibes Alphabet

High Vibes Aplhabet

Words carry vibration. Whether we speak/hear them, write/read them, think them – they have profound influence on our surroundings and us. The impact words have on a matter has been proved by scientists, and can be observed for example in an experiment such as those conducted by Masaru Emoto – messages in water. Objects – people, plants, animals, minerals etc. – respond differently to words of different vibration. See also The Rice Experiment:


It is therefore important to be mindful of what words we expose ourselves to. What words do we use when we talk to others and what words we hear from others – in personal, phone, skype etc. conversations. What kind or books, newspapers, web sites e-mails etc. do we read. What are the words that we think in our minds most…

High vibration words are the ones that make us feel better, that set us up on a higher note, that make us look at life with optimism and hope, that have „positive” meaning, that make us playful, joyful, that bring smile to our face…

If you are in a bad mood or feel down, if you would like to rise your vibration or energy level – make sure you use language (words) that carry high vibration.

Below are just a few examples of words of high vibration that work for me. You can read them in your mind or aloud, write them, make a poster or bookmark with them, record and listen to them, sing them – be creative and use your own imagination to come up with uses that suit you best and that work for you best.

If English is not your first language you can create such alphabet in your own language.

Go ahead and write down some now! Or read below. Enjoy! :)



A – abundance, acceptance, appreciation, awesome, amazing, adventure, achievement, Angel, Archangel, awakening, assistance, Australia, accomplishment, Air, attraction, active, awareness, align, affluent, all-powerful, applause, advancement, artist, appropriate, affirmation, advice, aliveness, Alchemist, ascension, Advisor, awe,

B – bliss, blessing, better, beloved, beautiful, bright, breath, bold, build, Being, beginning, believe, Bentley, Buddha,

C – charm, creative, cooperation, courage, care, compassion, confidence, crystal, clarity, collective, channelling, certainty, clairvoyant, counsel, community, choice, contribution, clear, close, child-like, cool, chance, consciousness, colour, clean, connect, compatible, congruency, calm, complete, consideration, Cosmos, capable,

D – dear, dream, dare, diamond, dance, divine, dolphin, develop, dialogue, darling, discovery, dynamic, dimension, Diego,

E – energy, evolve, enjoy, elephant, explore, expand, evolution, empathy, enlighten, ethics, enhance, elate, elevate, extra, ecstatic, Earth, enthusiasm, effortless, empower, enchant, exercise, experience, emerge, evolution, Ether,

F – freedom, fun, Force, friendship, flow, flexible, Father, fertility, forgiveness, favour, Fire, faith, fertile, Field, fortune, fabulous, Fairy, fragrance, focus, Frequency,

G – God, good, grace, gratitude, Guide, guidance, growth, glow, gift, gentle, great, glamour, genuine, Godmother, Grandmother, Godfather, Grandfather, give, generous, gold, glory, galore,

H – Holly, hope, happiness, heart, Helper, healing, holiday, harmony, Higher-Self, humble, honest, hilarious, honey, Heaven, hug, humor,

I – improvement, innocent, inspiration, independence, intuition, information, imagination, integrity, illumination, immense, insight, irrepressible,

J – joy, joke, journey, Jupiter, justice, Jesus,

K – kind, knowledge, knight, King, kinship,

L – Love, light, live, learning, lesson, luck, light-heartedness,

M – miracle, magic, meditation, Mother, mystery, Master, mermaid, massage, mandala, message, multidimensional, Moon, maturity,

N – nice, new, Nature, nurture,

O – ocean, Oneness, opportunity, optimism, OK, organic, oxygen, opulence, overgrowth, outstanding, overcome, order,

P – PLEASE, plenty, positive, polite, prince, princess, play, pure, peace, pleasure, potential, prayer, power, philanthropy, purpose, present, passion,

Q – quality, Queen,

R – rich, right, radiant, rest, relationship, responsible, reward, renewal, rejuvenate, resonance, resources, revelation, release, rise, receive, realization,

S – Spirit, Soul, Self, Saint, serenity, Sun, Star, stillness, strong, success, sensitive, smart, shine, synchronicity, Sydney, secret, seed, subconscious, sacred, share, sense, support, shift, subtle, sparkling, SORRY,

T – treasure, treat, tranquil, Teacher, trust, tale, tune, THANK YOU, transformation, together, true, touch, transition, transparent, telepathy, tolerant,

U – understanding, unity, unique, Universe, upward, unconditional,

V – victory, vibes, vibrant, vigorous, vacation, valuable, vortex, vivacious, Virgo,

W – Water, wisdom, wealth, wellbeing, will, World, wellness, whole, whisper, wave, wings, whale, wonderful,

X – X-mas,

Y – yes, yum,

Z – Zen, zone,